BBC HD upgrade to DVB-S2 on Freesat

The BBC announced that they will switch from DVB-S to DVB-S2 transmissions for its HD programming from Astra2D at 28.2E.
Alix Pryde the director of BBC distribution bloged that is was a BBC principle that they use the spectrum in the most efficient way. Switching to DVB-S2 will leave the BBC with spare capacity.
Launched in the spring of 2006, BBC HD is one of the longest-serving HD channels in Europe and as such had continued to use DVB-S. When BBC One HD launched in November 2010 it also went with DVB-S.
On the 6th June the transmission parameters were changed to SR 23000, QPSK, FEC 8/9 but still with Vertical polarisation on 10,847 MHz. Users are already reporting that some Freesat branded Boxes will not work with a Symbol Rate of 23000 and won’t make the change.
Main source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 6th June 2011