A DVB-T/ADSL pilot trial by both public broadcaster VRT and Telco Belgacom began in April 2002 from the Schoten transmitter in Flanders.
100 households were loaned sophisticated DVB-T Set Top Boxes with hard disc storage, ADSL modems and interactive capability. The project was finished on June 30th 2003 and the experience gained was used on an an interactive cable trial using DVB-C with MHP that lasted until the end of 2004.

From July 2003 regular DVB-T transmissions started with 1 multiplex in the Antwerp region. In May 2004 this was extended to cover the whole Flanders area.  For the French Community 2 DVB-T transmitters are now operational in Brussels.
An extension to the whole French community is planned for early 2006.

Thanks to VRT for its update to this information dated  May 2nd 2005