Background information on Slovenia

Digital terrestrial TV will soon be moving forward in Slovenia when a new telecom law drafted by April 2003 is enacted by parliament later in the year.

Public broadcasters started test transmissions in 2000 covering Ljubljana and the surrounding area. The SFN network is planned for expansion when legislation is introduced.

A frequency plan has been prepared and the co-ordination process is in progress. 6 multiplexes are planned with one on VHF and the remainder in the UHF band.
The plan provides SFN coverage of 95% of the population. Three national networks covering 80% of the population will use a mixture of MFN and SFN networks.Two MFNs or SFNs are planned in every regional area. Six small networks (approx. 25km diameter) utilising a mixture of MFN’s and SFN’s, some in VHF, will be used for mobile reception.

64QAM, 8k transmissions are favoured with QPSK being planned for mobile services. The long term aim is to ensure that portable and mobile reception are available to most of the population.
Main source DigiTag 2003