Assistance for DTT receiver purchase launched

A financial assistance programme has been set up to enable consumers to buy DTT receivers and STB’s through a monthly payment plan.
The payment programme has been put in place by the broadcast network operator Antenna Hungaria, the Credigen Bank, the manufacturer TechniSat Digital, and the retailer BestByte.
From the 1st October consumers could buy the TechniSat Digital’s HDT4 receiver at BestByte and pay a monthly fee of 715 Florint (€2.7). The receiver allows access to HDTV programmes.
The present DTT service provides access to 7 free-to-air and 2 pay television services and is available to nearly 60% of the population. Coverage will increase to 88% of the population on the 1st December when 9 new transmission sites start operation.
Source: Antenna Hungaria
Item added: 6th October 2009