ASO timeline published by the government

The French government has officially agreed the new Analogue Switch Off (ASO) plan which was submitted for approval in October.
Two regions will switch off analogue services in 2009 followed by 12 additional regions in 2010 and a further 12 regions in 2011. The process, which begins in the northern part of France, will end in the southern part of France when the region of Provance completes switch over on the 30th November 2011.
Paris is scheduled for switch over in early 2011.
Canal+’s switch to digital may not follow the published plan completely because it broadcasts TV on VHF Band III and its licence expires on the 6th December 2010.
These frequencies will then be used for the launch of digital radio services.
At this time some of the remaining 12 regions not already converted to digital transmission my loose access to Canal+ programmes until the switchover process is completed in that region.
Source: CSA website
Item added: 9th December 2008