ASO plan published by Government

The Strategic Committee on Digitalisation (CSN) chaired by the Prime Minister has published a plan detailing the timings of Analogue Switch Offs (ASO) in each region.
The plan does not give specific timings for the ASO of oversees departments and territories but does say they must all be completed by the same end date of the 30th November 2011 given for the rest of France.
The process begins in the first 14 regions on the 2nd February 2010.
Dates for the ASO of the regional services of France 3 are as follows:
2nd February 2010: Alsace
9th March 2010: Lower Normandy
18th May 2010: Loire Valley
8th June 2010: Brittany
28th September 2010: Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne
19th October 2010: Poitou-Charentes and the Centre
November 2010: Franche-Comté and Burgundy
7th December 2010: the North
First half of 2011: Picardy, Upper Normandy, Ile-de-France, Aquitaine, Limousin, Auvergne, Côte d’Azur, Corsica, and the Rhône Valley
Second half of 2011: Provence, Alps, Midi-Pyrénées, and Languedoc-Roussillon
It was also confirmed that the government will make €277 million available to fund the digital switchover process. In addition, a further €40-50 million will be made available for low income families to fund satellite equipment for TV households where DTT reception is not possible because of signal obstruction, estimated at 5% of the territory.
Source: Prime Minister’s website
Item added: 24th July 2009