ASO on the 3rd November as Flanders prepares to invite tender applications

The date for the Analogue TV service switch off in Flanders has been set as the 3rd November 2008 and an information campaign has been launched.
One of the sources of information is the website
Belgium is a highly cabled country, at the present and only 60,000 TV homes completely rely on Terrestrial Television although a further 80,000-160,000 homes use it for secondary sets or as a dual use service.
The Flanders government has also announced plans to launch a tender for the remaining digital multiplexes
VRT already has 1 DTT multiplex allocated and 6 additional DVB-T and 1 DVB-H multiplex will soon be released for tender although no dates have been announced so far. The official announcement will be made in the Belgium national newspaper Belgisch Staatsblad.
The government intends to issue a single licence for all the multiplexes to one licensee according to Broadband TV News.
Main source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 27th October 2008