ASO may be postponed 6 months

The Portuguese Government has a arranged a meeting on the 8th September with the stakeholders involved in the implementation of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).
Those taking part in the meeting are expected to be three national broadcasters (RTP, SIC and TVI), the telecommunications sector regulator (Anacom) and the company responsible for the implementation of DTT (Portugal Telecom.
An entire review of the ASO progress will take place and a decision made on the official analogue switch-off date.
According to original plans, the analogue TV signal in Portugal will be shut down in three phases: on the 12th January 2012 the transmitters covering the coastal strip will be switched off, on the 2nd March it will be the turn of those in the Azores and Madeira, followed by the rest of the country on the 26th April.
If postponed the new ASO is likely to be in January 2012
Source: Advanced Television and Rapid TV News
Item added: 14th August 2011