ASO extension sought in USA

Two bills have been introduced recently to extend the Analogue Shut Off (ASO) for up to 30days.
The ‘House bill H.R. 7013, the Short-term Analogue Flash and Emergency Readiness Act’ was introduced to the House of representatives recently with the stated purpose “To require the Federal Communications Commission to provide for a short term extension of the analogue television broadcast authority so that essential public safety announcements and digital television transitional information may be provided for a short time during the transition to digital television broadcasting”
The bill would take effect from the previous analogue switch off date of the 18th February and continue until the 3rd March 2009.
A similar bill was also introduced to the US Senate with a similar purpose but allowing for a longer extension running for 30days starting on the 18th February.
Both bills aim to keep some analogue transmissions available so that transmissions will not suddenly cease without providing a broadcast announcement telling people to make the change to digital.
Source: TV Technology
Item added: 13th October 2008