ASO could be in 2011

Corrado Calabro, the president of Italy’s telecommunications sector regulator, says that the analogue transition could be completed by 2011, in a recent AgCom report. The report says that there are already six “all digital” regions in Italy and the digitisation of Northern Italy should be completed this year. In 2011 the ASO will occur in the Adriatic coastal region and in 2012 Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily and Calabria will complete the transition. According to Calabro’, “with an effort, the digitalisation could be completed by 2011, as requested in a recent European recommendation.”
AgCom also recently approved a new frequency plan according to The plan frees resources for national TV (with 5 new digital multiplexes which will be awarded via a “beauty contest”), for High Definition, for local TV (with at least 13 multiplexes, corresponding to 65 local channels for each region), for radio, and also frees up nine TV channels to be allocated to wireless broadband access.
Item added: 12th July 2010