ASO completed

Analogue Television in Austria ceased on the 7th June when ORS switched of the last 24 analogue TV transmitter sites in the areas around Mariazell and Mürztal.
Since the start of the ASO in October 2006 ORS, the technical subsidiary of the ORF, has changed 320 transmitter sites from analogue to DTT coverage using multiplex A.
Multiplex A contains the public channels ORF1 and ORF2 together with the commercial channel ATV.
19 sites have also started to transmit multiplex B which contains ORF Sport Plus, 3sat and commercial channels Puls 4 and Servus TV.
With the latest switch 97.7% of the population are now covered by DTT transmissions using the DVB-T standard.
Using the newer DVB-T2 standard ORS wants to increase the DTT market share from the current 5% to 12-15% with a fast roll out of the new service between 2012 and 2015. On the DVB-T2 platform ORS plans to offer more channels as well as HDTV and multimedia services.
In Austria the most popular means of delivery for TV is by cable and satellite.
Source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 9th June 2011