AppWatch: Renault iAD

Continuing our series of posts focusing on a particular MHP/GEM application, we’re taking a closer look at this interactive advertisement from Zappware. If you’d like to propose an application to be covered on the MHP/GEM NewsBlog, please contact Eoghan O’Sullivan: osullivan[at]

What is it?

It’s an interactive advertisement for Renault, running on Telenet’s MHP platform in Belgium.

How was it created?

It was created by Zappware using their proprietary iView Producer (a flexible, visual authoring environment for the creation and/or modification of iDTV applications) and based on one of Zappware’s proven iFormats.

Renault iAD from Zappware – screenshot

How does it work?

It works through interactive billboards that accompany Formula One Grand Prix broadcasts (on the SPORZA channel) and interactive ads (on the VRT channels) used to promote these Formula One Grand Prix broadcasts. Car manufacturer Renault uses the red button in billboards and ads to trigger digital Telenet viewers to play a multiple-choice quiz, get a glimpse of the latest Renault car model and get the Formula 1 results.

Interactive digital TV allows the viewer to access services far beyond the scope of a traditional TV spot. In this case it allows the brand to address its message specifically to F1 fans, activate and identify them.

Through Zappware’s iView Portal, Renault’s agency has access to a web-based Content Management System that allows them to easily change text and images from one Grand Prix to another in-house. The agency is completely in control of the content thanks to web-based access.

Experience has shown that weekly content updates and the possibility of winning exclusive prizes motivate repeated visits, leading to community building.

Does it generate revenue?

The application itself doesn’t generate revenue, in that the multiple choice quiz is free. However, Renault can make it a paying quiz using Zappware’s iView Portal in just a second. So far Renault has elected to not to charge for it.

Where has the application been deployed and with which MHP/GEM version?

It was deployed on the network of Belgian cable operator Telenet, using an MHP 1.0.3 platform.

Renault iAD from Zappware

When was it first made available?

The advertisements and billboards were broadcast as of April 2008, coinciding with the Spanish Grand Prix. Early results show that people do âpress redâ even if there is little time (~5â) to do so.

For more information on the Renault iAD, contact Zappware directly: