Analogue TV’s out

The vast majority of television sets sold in the UK are now equipped for digital reception, according to new figures from GfK released by switchover body Digital UK.
In May, the percentage of digital TVs sold was 99.53%; with the World Cup driving a year-on-year sales increase of 9%. The UK has an estimated 60 million installed televisions, with one million new sets purchased every month. The arrival of flat screen displays has fuelled a significant increase in purchases. The average purchase price is now £400 (€480), while the average price of a standard definition set-top box is now £26 (€31).
“With a quarter of the country already fully switched to digital TV and a further 11 million homes due to switch next year, it’s good news that retailers have finally stopped selling analogue sets,” said Digital UK CEO David Scott. In all 92% of UK homes are now watching digital TV on their main set.
The majority of the UK’s television regions can now boast digital penetration of around 90%.
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Item added: 12th July 2010