Analogue Switch-off to begin in Autumn 2007

According to, analogue switch-off in France could begin as early as Autumn 2007. This will take place in regions where frequencies are scarce, generally along national borders and where frequencies must be shared between countries.
In these regions, it will not be possible to allow for the simulcast of analogue and digital terrestrial television services and the changeover will need to be immediate. Viewers will be given several months advance notice in order to prepare for the switchover.
In other regions in France, analogue switch-off is expected to take place between March 2008 and November 2011. Currently, the Minister of Culture and the broadcast regulator, CSA, are elaborating a detailed switch-off plan.
It is expected that viewers will be given at least 9 months of advanced notice prior to analogue switch-off.
Source:  and Digitag
Item added: 19th April 2007