Analogue switch off plans finalised

The dates for analogue switch-off in three Swedish regions have been confirmed. On 19 September, the region of Gotland with shut down its analogue transmissions for SVT1, SVT2 and TV4. The region of Gävle will shut off its analogue transmission of SVT2 and TV4 on 10 October while the analogue transmission of SVT1 will end on 24 October. Finally, the region of Motala/Linköping will end its analogue transmission of SVT1 and SVT2 on 21 November and the analogue transmission of TV4 will be shut off on 5 December.

These analogue switch-off plans are in accordance with the national analogue switch-off set to take place on 1st February 2008**(this date has been corrected in line with the Swedish governments published date, click here for more) . Starting on 8 April, an information campaign will begin. Households will receive a 12 page brochure on DTT.
Source: NyTeknik and Digitag
Note item updated: 8th August 2005