Analogue switch off pilots announced

Anacom the Portuguese communications regulator has announced that ASO will be tested with pilot switch offs initially.
The pilot switch offs will take place in Alenquer on the 12th May, then at Cacém on the 16th June, followed by Nazaré on the 13th October.
The suitability for pilot switch offs in these areas was decided on the following criteria; technically easy to implement; that the topography was such as to preclude the reception of analogue TV signals from any other transmitter; that the population in the area covered did not exceed 150,000 residents and finally that DTT signals have been available for one year by the date of ASO in each area.
Final ASO in Portugal will take place in three phases. In the first phase on the 12th January ASO will take place at transmission sites along the coastal part of the mainland. During the second phase switch off will take place in the Azores and Madeira on 22nd March 2012. The third and final phase will result in all remaining transmission sites being switched off by the 26th April 2012.
Source: Anacom website
Item added: 7th January 2011