ANACOM reaffirms Free to Air channels

ANACOM has reaffirmed that the DTT services RTP 1, RTP 2, SIC, TVI and RTP Azores and RTP Madeira in the autonomous Regions will continue to be made available for free to viewers.
In addition ANACOM has issued a decree against misleading Analogue Switch Off (ASO) information. In general the decree says that ANACOM considers that it is an unfair commercial practice as per Decree-Law No. 57/2008 of 26 March to inform viewers that they will need to subscribe to a pay television service in order to continue accessing services available on the analogue terrestrial television platform once ASO is completed.
The decree results from reports of situations of doorstep selling and telephone conversations in which it is said that only possible solution to continue watching television after ASO is to subscribe to a Pay-TV service.
Source: Anacom website
Item added: 31st May 2011