Amendments made to the Broadcasting Law

Amendments to the RA Law “On Television and Radio” were adopted, on December 26, 2008, at an extraordinary session of the RA National Assembly.
The Law had been approved by the Armenian Government on October 8 and adopted by the Parliament in the first hearing on October 16, 2008.
During the extraordinary session two articles in the Broadcasting Law were amended.
The first, Article 28, limited the broadcasting of programs, of the Public TV and Radio Company in national minorities’ languages, to 1 hour per week for public television and 1 hour per day for public radio. This restriction has been abolished.
The second amendment refers to Article 59 of the Broadcast Law, suspending the conductance of broadcast licensing competitions till July 20, 2010. As a result of the new amendment not only TV companies, but also radio companies, whose licences expire before January 21, 2011, can apply to the National Commission on Television and Radio to extend their licence. However licences cannot be extended beyond the 21st January 2011.
Source: Yervan Press Club weekly newsletter 8-15th January 2009
Item added: 19th January 2009

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