Alpha Trial for DVB-SH in the USA

Satellite communications company ICO Global Communications (Holdings) has announced the alpha trial of Mobile Interactive Media (MIM) services in the USA, set for spring 2008.
ICO MIM will provide multiple channels of high-quality mobile video to large screen user devices.
Alcatel-Lucent has been chosen to supply the system architecture and design based on the mobile multimedia standard DVB-SH.
The company has also been selected to be the end-to-end network integrator for both satellite and terrestrial networks and to provide corresponding installation and network integration services.
ICO will provide full-duplex, IP data communication services between customer devices and the ICO satellite base stations using Hughes Network Systems ETSI standard based GMR air interface technology.
The alpha trial will take place in two cites which will also be equipped with a terrestrial network. The terrestrial networks provide continued seamless coverage in areas where the direct satellite signal is weak or blocked.
“We consider hybrid satellite/terrestrial networks very powerful solutions for providing mobile broadcast services to consumers. Moreover, by leveraging the large ecosystem of the DVB-H open standard family, we believe that DVB-SH will enable a broadband range of mass market multimedia applications,” stated Olivier Coste, President of Alcatel-Lucent’s Mobile Broadcast activities.
Source: DVB Scene Issue 23, August 07, page 8
Item added: 14th September 2007