Algeria begins the transition to DTT

Eutelsat has signed a deal with Telediffusion d’Algeria (TDT) to broadcast Algeria’s national Digital Terrestrial Television package of television and radio channels.
The launch of the new platform is part of the government’s objective to manage the transition of the country’s broadcasting sector into a fully digital environment.
In the initial phase, digital channels will be available direct from satellite in all areas of Algeria and in the second phase the signals will also be delivered to DTT transmitters for terrestrial broadcast.
Free-to-air broadcasts from the Atlantic Bird ™ 3 will begin on December 1st 2007 and then from the DTT service after installation of the first transmitters, scheduled for delivery in 2008.
TDA’s objective is to ensure access to DTT channels for all Algerian homes as quickly as possible, both in urban and most rural parts of Algeria.
Source: PRnewswire
Item added: 4th December 2007

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