Adoption under 200,000 DTT STB’s so far

Brazil, which is the only country to use the Japanese ISDB-T standard outside Japan estimates that 200,000 DTT STB’s have been sold since the launch of its specially customised system SBTVD.
The slow take up by the 53 million population is attributed to a number of factors.
One of these is said to be confusion over what to buy in a market with many types of boxes available, as well as interactivity only being possible with boxes able to support  “Ginga” middleware.
Most potential users also have to install a UHF antenna to be able to watch the broadcasts, which are only receivable on STB’s, still considered expensive for the market, although prices are dropping slowly.
Unfortunately”Ginga” STB’s are not yet available at the time of writing.
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Source: Connected TV
Item added: 11th November 2008