ACMA takes the next step to realising the digital dividend

The Australian Communications and Media Authority today released a discussion paper called Clearing the Digital Dividend. This marks the second step in a three step process to realising the digital dividend.
The three steps are: 1) Completion of the switchover to digital TV, 2) Clearance of digital television services from the block of UHF spectrum corresponding to television channels 52-69 and 3) Reallocation of the cleared spectrum to new users.
Clearing digital TV services from the digital dividend spectrum is called restack.
The new discussion paper sets out the proposed objectives and planning principles that will govern the preparation of channel plans for the restack, and is seeking input from the broadcasting industry and other interested stakeholders.
The process of restack cannot be completed until Analogue switch of but it is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.
Submissions to the consultation can be made until 4 April 2011.
Source: ACMA website
Item added: 7th March 2011