85.8% of French homes have a Digital TV receiver

By the end of Q1 2010, 85.8% of the 27 million TV households in France had at least one digital TV receiver in the home, be it DTT, satellite, cable or IPTV; according to research by Mediametrie on behalf of the media authority CSA. The news item posted on the Broadband TV News website goes on to say that during the first three months of the year, about 4 million people switched to digital and according to the CSA the force behind the change is DTT, known as TNT in France.
At the end of Q1 56.8%.of French homes had at least one DVB-T receiver
In Bourgogne, where ASO will take place on the 16th November, 84.8 % of all homes already had digital reception equipment by the end of June. Two out of three homes (66.1 %) had a DVB-T receiver
In Franche-Comté, where ASO will also take place on the 16th November, four out of five homes already had at least one digital receiver (79.1%) at the end of the second quarter and 46 % of all viewers had already chosen for DTT reception.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 25th October 2010