70.3% of households watch digital TV

Figures released for Q1, 2009 indicate that 70.3% of all French households have at least one digital receiver, for cable, IPTV, satellite or DTT, according to research published by media authority CSA, reports Broadband TV News.
The item goes on to say that almost one in four of all French homes are now completely dependent on digital reception.
DTT is now used by 43.1%, whilst analogue terrestrial reception is still used by 17.2%, down by 11.9% since the same time last year.
In areas where analogue broadcasts will be switched off next year, more people are changing to digital. In the Alsace, where switch-off is planned for February 2, 72% of all viewers have a digital receiver, but only 4.5% are dependent on terrestrial reception.
In Lower Normandy, where ASO takes places on March 9, 2010, 51.5% of all homes now have digital terrestrial and 69.8% have at least one digital receiver.
In the Pays-de-la-Loire (May 18), the figures are 75.9% with a digital receiver and 57.4 % have DTT.
In Brittany (June 8), three out of four homes have a digital receiver, and 60.1% have digital terrestrial.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 12th October 2009