6MHz HDTV DVB-T service launched

A terrestrial HDTV service is now on air, in both Taipei and Kaohsiung, the major cities of Taiwan.
The trial service, named HiHD, represents the latest deployment of HDTV using DVB-T, and  follows in the footsteps of services in Australia, Singapore, Norway, NewZealand and several other countries.
Taiwan is the first country to use 6 MHz channels to launch its HD, DVB-T service which is available on channel 30  (566-572MHz) from broadcaster PTS.
In common with Singapore and Norway, the service in Taiwan uses MPEG-4/H.264 video compression.
Following discussions involving representatives of industry and government, it was also decided to adopt 1920×1080/60i picture format.
Consumers will be able to purchase backwards compatible receivers, that can also receive a range of MPEG-2 standard definition services, at a retail price of about $233 USD.
The new service will carry drama, documentary, music & infotainment, arts, and sports events, including the Beijing Olympics. A new four hour schedule is broadcast from 20h00 to midnight each day, with the same programming repeated throughout the rest of the day.
A government committee will evaluate the trial, which begins in the metropolitan areas of the North and South of the island, by analysing viewer satisfaction levels and indoor reception capability. The committee will then decide how best to implement the second phase, bringing transmissions to the West Coast, and then the third phase, bringing transmissions to the East Coast.
Source: Taiwan Public Television Service
Item added: 20th May 2008