3DTV transmission on DTT

Antenna Hungária recently broadcast 3DTV test transmissions over its digital terrestrial platform. The test in conjunction with iPONT transmitted 3DTV through its transmission system and displayed it on special screens which could be viewed without glasses.
The transmission was executed in Full HD (1920×1080), 50i format and with a data rate of 8 megabit/s.
‘Laying special emphasis on innovation, Antenna Hungária considers it important to test the conditions of 3DTV transmission, a promising future trend, in a digital television environment’, Jean-Francois Fenech, CEO of Antenna Hungária explained after the test was successfully completed.
‘The glasses-free 3DTV we have just tested may become a worldwide success as broadcasters and major manufacturers still tend to focus on the technologies requiring glasses’, Zoltán Korcsok commented on the achievements.
Source: Antenna Hungária
Item added: 17th July 2010