3D Broadcasts on the DTT platform

During the past week viewers of UK DTT channel 4 have been able to watch 3-D programming.
Channel 4’s 3D Week of programmes featured a mix of pre-recorded and live 3-D programming, including never-before-seen footage of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, Disney’s “Hannah Montana The Movie,” “Derren Brown’s 3D Magic Spectacular,” classic 3-D movies and some live 3-D produced by Channel 4.
In total about nine hours of stereoscopic footage had been converted into ColorCode 3-D. Additionally a few hours of live transmission using real-time ColorCode 3-D encoding was scheduled for the weekend. The live transmission system consisted of a genlocked two camera set-up, feeding into the ColorCode 3-D real-time server. The server, a Delta Media Server outfitted with the ColorCode 3-D option, was developed by 7thSense.
To view the transmission viewers had to obtain blue/yellow glasses, which were given away free at a major chain of supermarkets.
Source: Broadcast Engineering
Item added: 23rd November 2009