3 Italia announce a June 2006 for its DVB-H service

3 Italia the Telecom operator has been progressing its plan to launch a mobile television service called ‘La Tre’ in time for the Word Cup. The service which uses the DVB-H standard will initially provide 15 TV ‘channels’ including services from Mediaset, Sky and of course live World Cup coverage. An increase to 20 channels is planned for the end of the year.  
A subscriber base of 600,000 is expected by the end of the year.
Source: 3 Italia
Item added: 23rd February 2006 Terrestrial HDTV at Turin Olympics
Visitors to Turin for the Winter Olympic Games will be able to view live HDTV pictures transmitted over the RAI DVB-T network at various points around the city. The demonstration will utilise the very latest Advanced Video Coding technology.
Source: DVB
Item added: 13th February 2006