220,000 DTT Households

The number of MiniDig TV DTT users increased by more than 52,000 during the period from January to May 2011 bringing the total number of users to over 220,000 TV households.
By the end of the same period the number of Pay-TV subscribers to the MiniDig TV Extra service reached 30,000.
The free to air service MiniDig TV provides 7 TV and 4 radio channels including content in High Definition while the Pay-TV DTT platform offers 17 TV channels to paying subscribers.
The broadcast network operator Antenna Hungaria, which holds the licence to operate the DTT platform, is seeking authorisation from the national regulator to provide DVB-T services from multiplex B. Currently, the multiplex is used to provide test DVB-H services in the Budapest region.
According to a platform monitoring survey by Ipsos, 82% of Hungarian households know about the free-to-air DTT platform while 53% of households are aware of the pay DTT platform.
The DTT platform is available to 95% of the population. Analogue switch-off is set to take place in 2012.
Source: Antenna Hungaria website
Item added: 17th July 2011