2015 target for Nigeria’s Digitisation

The Federal Government has set 2015 as the year for full digitisation in Nigeria, Mr Frank Nweke Jnr. disclosed on August 22nd at the opening of a workshop on the strategies for migration to digital broadcasting in Africa. He said that the Federal government has mandated all planners to incorporate digitalisation of broadcasting in the nations development agenda for the next 10 years.
In his paper ‘Establishing a Viable Broadcasting Policy for Africa: What are the Stakes and Options?’ The Kenyan assistant Minister for Information and Communication, Hon. Koigi wa Wamwere, noted that Africa has no option than to digitise radio and TV broadcasting in line with the worlds change to digital technology or perish as a continent. He said that Africans were already starved of information about their own societies, countries, other African countries and the world.
’Our thirst for information is big and it must be quenched quickly’ He went on to say that for the people to have more information more radio and TV stations were required and because the spectrum was already crowded the only way to obtain the additional space required was through digitisation.
Source: Thisdayonline
Item added: 4th September 2006

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