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Kenya: Why The Nation Is Enthusiastic About the Shift From Analogue to Digital TV

This year, Kenya will migrate its four million analogue TV viewers to the digital platform. The switch over is the culmination of a journey that Read More

Phoenix TV launches first TNT DVB-T Trial in Guinea Bissau

Since june 2010 the GUINEA BISSAU has a new DVB-T transmission site 8km from the city of BISSAU. The company called PHOENIX TV is at present Read More

HD interest high in Finland

Tauno Äijälä, counsellor of communications, senior advisor DTT Helpdesk, is reported by Broadband TV News as saying that there have been a total Read More

Digital TV progress in China

China is to digitise cable TV in four stages, according to SARFT (State Administration of Radio, Film and Television). Stage one will digitise all Read More

Belgium switches to DVB-T2

During the next few weeks, Norkring Belgium is starting to switch over its DTT network from DVB-T to DVB-T2. Starting Monday, April 8, the Read More

DTT launch in October 2006

Public broadcaster ORF is ready to launch DTT services in October 2006. It will provide services to 70% of the population initially. The Read More

S2 Covers America

In the same DVB-Scene the article on page 11 describes how DirecTV will use DVB-S2 to deliver "hundreds" of HD channels to the American public in the Read More

450 Londoners sought for HD trial as ITV joins the BBC

The UK's public service broadcasters are seeking 450 volunteers in London to take part in a six-month trial of high-definition television broadcast Read More

POT seeks DTT licences

The Polish DTT consortium POT has applied for permission to begin trials in Warsaw and the nearby city of Lódz according to Broadband TV News Read More