Study Mission

Study Mission on Volumetric Video

Study Mission report on Volumetric Video – a new entertainment experience

Executive summary

Television has long focussed on programming presented in a two-dimensional format targeted at devices with more and more capability in terms of size, colour and quality. While this has been the mainstay format, consumers have, through the use of touch-screen devices, become accustomed to having a more interactive visual experience, which has allowed computer-generated content and natural scenes to be viewed from a personalized viewpoint. With this in mind, DVB initiated a study mission to further understand the potential use cases alongside existing industry activity and technology developments.

This study mission report shows that a reasonable level of industry activity around volumetric video exists, especially in the sports and artistic entertainment domains as well as the presence of technologies that can bring interactivity and immersiveness to the user experience.

A set of recommendations for DVB to pursue in this area is created separately from this report.

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