DVB-HB (Home Broadcast)

Service discovery and delivery protocols for a DVB Home Broadcast system


DVB-HB intends to enable consumption of traditional broadcast services (i.e., delivered via satellite, terrestrial or cable broadcast networks) by means of in-home networked devices, e.g., smartphones, tablets, Personal Computers, IP-enabled TV sets or Set-Top-Boxes, etc.


The present document defines the interfaces through which a DVB-HB Local Server can redistribute broadcast signals and associated metadata to DVB-HB Clients.

In particular, the present document specifies:

  • Mechanisms allowing a DVB-HB Local Server to announce its presence on the LAN and a DVB-HB Client to discover it;
  • Mechanisms allowing a DVB-HB Local Server to expose its capabilities in terms of available resources and distributed services;
  • Backwards-compatible optional extensions to the SAT>IP specification, improving supported capabilities and network resilience;
  • Backwards-compatible extensions to the DVB-I specification, adding support to DVB-HB functionalities.

Additionally, the present document provides informative guidelines on a number of aspects, e.g.:

  • Conversion of DVB-SI metadata to DVB-I format;
  • Combined use of HTTP and HTTPS in browser-based DVB-HB Clients;
  • Encoding and packaging requirements and recommendations;
  • Provision of HbbTV applications to DVB-HB Clients.


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