Broadband Delivery

DVB-IPTV - Core Guidelines

Guidelines for the implementation of DVB-IP Phase 1 specifications. Part 1: Core IPTV Functions


The present document is designed as a companion document to help implement the DVB-IPTV Phase 1 version 6: ETSI TS 102 034, which is referred to as the DVB-IPTV handbook.

The present document is the part 1 of the Guidelines and is focusing on the core IPTV functions. Other parts present other aspects of the DVB-IPTV technologies.

The present document is organized in separate sections in the order of the boot-up sequence of the HNED rather than in the same section structure as the DVB-IPTV handbook. Each clause deals with a specific aspect of the DVB-IPTV technology, and offers explanations and examples not found in the DVB-IPTV handbook.

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