DVB CI Plus (Common Interface Extensions)

DVB Extensions to the CI Plus Specification

Note: TS 103 205 V1.4.1 also incorporates some changes that were originally published as DVB BlueBook A173-2.


The DVB Common Interface specifications CENELEC EN 50221 and ETSI TS 101 699 describe a system whereby a removable Conditional Access CICAM, given the appropriate rights, unscrambles protected content and routes it back to the Host over the same interface. The Common Interface connector is an industry standard PCMCIA slot. The DVB Common Interface specifications were extended by the CI Plus specification, developed by CI Plus LLP, which provides common methods (i.e. methods that are independent of the up-stream CA system) for mutual authentication of the CICAM and Host, and link encryption over the return interface from the CICAM to the Host.


The present document specifies extensions to the CI Plus V1.3 specification, which was produced and continues to be published by CI Plus LLP.

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