Accessibility Signalling (Commercial Requirements)

Commercial Requirements for signalling of Accessibility Services in DVB


The inclusion of signalling to denote availability of accessibility services has been an important part of DVB standards since their origin, but awareness of the importance of these services has increased over recent years. Furthermore, the EU has released its directive 2019/882 “on the accessibility requirements for products and services”.

In this context, it is important not only that accessibility services are available, but also that there are easy and transparent ways to discover and access them.

Standardisation work within the HbbTV Association (“HbbTV Accessibility Framework” – see below) has triggered DVB to consider signalling of HbbTV accessibility services and to re-visit the current accessibility signalling within DVB-SI and DVB-I.

These aspects have been covered by an initial report which has been prepared by a Taskforce of DVB CM-AVC and CM-I groups. In this report the current state of the art for signalling of such service features is assessed and some potential gaps are identified. Recommendations are made for ongoing work for consideration by the DVB Commercial Module.

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