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DVB-I – Enhanced DRM, Application Signalling, etc (Commercial Requirements)

Commercial Requirements for DVB-I – Enhanced DRM, Service & Service List Protection, Customization for Service Discovery, Accessibility Services and Application Support

Executive Summary

DVB published a new version of the DVB-I BlueBook Specification (A177r5), in June 2023.

On reflection by CM-I and TM-I, and with various new contributions suggested by DVB Members and DVB-I Users (via a public forum set up by DVB), a number of new topics are now being taken into consideration for a future revisions of the DVB-I Specification and DVB-I Implementers’ Guidelines documents (A177 and A184 respectively).

These topics include various security requirements for 1) protection of Content, and 2) protection of DVB-I compliant devices, services and service lists, plus some additional miscellaneous requirements around Customization of service lists, provision of new Accessibility Services and enhanced support for Applications.

Use cases and commercial requirements for these features have been elaborated in this document, adhering to the guiding principle for this specification of the need to deliver the full linear television experience over IP networks, including high quality content with low latency coupled with programme information for a complete service offering.

The intention is to inform the work required by TM-I working group to deliver a specification that can be easily implemented to protect the whole DVB-I ecosystem while maintaining a user experience at least equivalent to today’s TV experience.

Due to the global nature of IP delivered TV, the specification should seek to avoid being too restrictive and therefore implies the need for a good, flexible, interoperable solution.

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