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DVB-AVC - AV1 addition (Commercial Requirements)

Commercial Requirements for AV1 Addition to the DVB Toolbox


An opportunity has been identified to extend coverage for internet service delivery through addition of the AV1 video codec to the DVB toolbox. The addition of the AV1 codec could increase the flexibility and interoperability of DVB solutions in internet streaming applications.

DVB has recently developed commercial requirements for addition of next generation video codecs. Although the requirements for the AV1 internet delivery video codec application differ, the core requirements can be derived directly as a subset of the existing NGVC requirements with the following key adjustments:

  • Streaming applications only (VOD, multicast, live linear over broadband)
  • Modified performance requirements
  • Optional requirements for user accessibility and user personalization are removed
  • Modified timeline requirements


The present document defines commercial requirements for AV1 addition to the DVB toolbox.

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